Gilbert won’t fund Brewers ballpark, but idea isn’t dead – Arizona News

Gilbert won’t fund Brewers ballpark, but idea isn’t dead – Arizona News


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If the Milwaukee Brewers want to move their spring training facility to Gilbert, they’ll have to do it without taxpayer money, according to Mayor Jenn Daniels.

Public records obtained by The Arizona Republic show the Brewers asked Gilbert to build a $90 million spring training stadium for the team earlier this year.

But Daniels said in an interview Tuesday the town hasn’t talked to the Brewers about the proposition since June 13, when “there was a parting of the ways because this was not a great fit for Gilbert from a financial perspective.”

Daniels said the town did its “due diligence” during six months of discussions with the Brewers, even commissioning an economic impact study, which showed the cost of the stadium outweighed the economic benefits. 

According to Gilbert estimates, the town would have paid between $8 million to $10 million per year to build and operate the facility, and would have seen about $4 million in increased revenue.

“We’re not exploring this any further,” Daniels said. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean the Brewers won’t move to Gilbert. They just won’t be getting public dollars to build the ballpark.

Daniels said the town hasn’t spoken with the Brewers in nearly two months, but the team and its development partner, LGE Design Build, both indicated last week that a Gilbert ballpark was still possible.

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