‘Granny units’ headline upcoming Cloverdale City Council meeting | News – California News

‘Granny units’ headline upcoming Cloverdale City Council meeting | News – California News

The city council meeting on Aug. 8 will start the process of overhauling regulations in an attempt lessen the affordable housing crunch in Cloverdale.

The public hearing portion of the meeting will encompass new rules and regulations concerning granny units, known in legal parlance as “secondary residential accessory dwelling units.” The draft ordinance up for discussion would loosen the rules regarding second units in order to facilitate additional affordable housing, and it based off a set of state regulations passed last year. The draft ordinance is intended to replace and update the existing second dwelling unit regulations contained with the zoning ordinance and apply on a citywide basis.

Proposed changes include removing additional parking requirements, provided certain conditions are met, setbacks will be reduced to five to 10 feet, the elimination of minimum lot size (although the size of the lot will determine the size of the unit). For lots less than 6,000 square feet, the unit can be up to 1,200 square feet. For lots less that 6,000 square feet, units can be up to 800 square feet. Units can be no more that two stories. The discretionary design review process is being eliminated in the new language and the planning commission discussed a desire for covered bicycle parking at all units.

As this is a public hearing, there will be ample opportunity for the public to have their voices heard on the matter.

There will be resolutions on the table to approve an employment contract for the incoming Finance Manager,…

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