New Years in August: Happy preps sports – Colorado News

New Years in August: Happy preps sports – Colorado News

Merry new year, as Eddie Murphy would say.

My golf game did improve over the summer, but not enough for me to join either the PGA Tour or the Champions Tour — I’m eligible in about four years — so I will be your sports writer again this school year.

In all seriousness, it’s not a bad gig. I’m paid to watch sports, and even when nearly 20 years of this job has me thinking I know what’s going to happen, the contests have a way of setting me straight.

After all, just last year:

• Battle Mountain boys soccer went to the state finals for the second time in five years, which shocked the heck, not only out me, but coach David Cope himself.

• Eagle Valley girls soccer beat Battle Mountain for the first time in … ah … no one really knows. I’m pretty sure that shocked the heck out of Cope, too. More on “shocking” later.

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With a new year, a reminder of how we’re going to try to cover all things Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley, Vail Christian and Vail Mountain.

Chris likes the Giants

My favorite team is, and always has been, the San Francisco Giants. You might have noticed that I wear orange and black like it’s Halloween 365 days per year. (And, yes, the Giants stink on ice this year. I keep watching every game to see if that might change. It hasn’t happened yet.)

So please stop with the “Freud likes Eagle Valley/Battle Mountain better than Battle Mountain/Eagle Valley.”

I root for the Devils, the Gore Rangers, the Huskies and the Saints equally for a very simple reason. You think I’m doing a better job when your team is winning. (Amazing how that works.)

When a pair of our four schools meet, I root for a close game, so I can write…

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