Police report – News – Hot Springs Village Voice – Arkansas News

Police report – News – Hot Springs Village Voice – Arkansas News

The Hot Springs Village police department received several more reports of scams, made a number of public assists, welfare checks and assisted area law enforcement agencies in the past week.

July 25
A motorist told police someone in a small tan Ford truck let a small black-and- gray dog out at Cortez Fire Station, and drove off. Efforts to catch the dog were unsuccessful, and the animal control staff was notified.
A Balboa Golf Course golfer told police a drone aircraft hovered over a group for several minutes from the seventh tee to the seventh green. It reportedly came within 20 feet of the group, hovered four to five minutes and emitted “a very loud noise similar to a chain saw.” An officer stopped to talk to a person in a neighborhood driveway – the officer was told the resident knows all the neighbors, and doesn’t believe any of them would be involved in such an incident.
Police delivered a death notification message.
An officer and LifeNet staff assisted on Orense Circle, where a resident had fallen and injured her leg.
A silver minivan reportedly was driven erratically at the West Gate. It was registered to a Village address.
After a black Toyota Camry tailgated in Balboa Gate, the driver was found at Last Chance Restaurant, and said he had just bought the car   and the dealer had moved the plate to the new vehicle. The man, a regular salesman, was escorted outside and was told that tailgating into the Village would not be tolerated, and warned that he could be cited for having a fictitious license plate (displaying a plate on a vehicle on which it is not registered.) He apologized and said he would…

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