Prather’s Pick: Learning about the Letter “B” – Colorado News

Prather’s Pick: Learning about the Letter “B” – Colorado News

I found a fun book for young readers at the Craig branch of Moffat County Libraries this week, and it will help them learn about the letter “B,”too. “Did You Take the B from My –ook” was written by Beck and Matt Santon. The book is published by Little, Brown and Company (2016).

The book begins as the narrator gives the reader an idea about some things that begin with B—like bulldozers, bread, and beaches—and the sounds that the letter makes, too. But then the narrator sneezes, and all of a sudden the letter B disappears.

However, the narrator doesn’t realize that the letter is gone so now instead of “bed” there is

–ed. Instead of “bulls” there is –ulls. “I love –ulls. Small –ulls and –ig –ulls” just doesn’t sound right. Finally the narrator seems to catch on but not before a –eetle is wearing –lue –oots and jumping on the –ed.

The narrator asks the reader to help call the letter B –ack.

I can just imagine a teacher reading this book to a class of young students. What fun the kids will have calling the letter B back to the book. This book is a great learning tool for parents or teachers. You can find the book at the Craig Moffat County Library or you can purchase it for $14.99 in hardcover.

This week I also found “The Ninjabread Man” in the children’s room at the library. It is retelling of the “Gingerbread Man.” The book was written by C.J. Leigh and illustrated by Chris Call. This book is published by Orchard Books, an imprint of Scholastic (2016). Young readers who are fans of ninjas are sure to enjoy this book.

As the story begins, readers meet a little old sensei who secretly teaches martial arts to Ninja Bear, Ninja Snake, Ninja…

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