Romanek found guilty on 1 child pornography charge – Colorado News

Romanek found guilty on 1 child pornography charge – Colorado News

A more than three-year-long child pornography case that gained national notoriety came to a close Tuesday with a split verdict.

At least, for now.

Stanley Tiger Romanek, a 54-year-old Loveland man, was found guilty of felony possession of child pornography but not guilty of distribution of child pornography.

Deputy District Attorney Mitch Murray said in his closing statements that at its core, the case is “very simple” and that the child pornography found on Romanek’s computer made it there through Romanek’s “purposeful actions.”

“There’s nothing magical, nothing mysterious about it. … The evidence is all in front of you, completely there,” he said.

Romanek has been flocked by supporters throughout his trial at the Larimer County Justice Center, with as many as a dozen people sitting behind him in the courtroom some days, including some who served as defense witnesses.

The UFO author was the subject of a documentary released on Netflix last month about his alleged experiences as an alien abductee.


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And that was one of the aspects that made the criminal case unique, according to defense attorneys and prosecutors.

Supporters of Romanek have thrown around various theories, including government operatives planting the child pornography found on Romanek’s computer because of his self-reported knowledge about extraterrestrial life.


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