The Best Tiki Albums To Get You In The Mood For Tiki Oasis – California News

The Best Tiki Albums To Get You In The Mood For Tiki Oasis – California News

Swingers, light your tiki torches! On the eve of this year’s epic Tiki Oasis festival, in San Diego, we thought it would be prudent to kindle the beacon fire with a little Tiki 101 list. For our selections, we will be focusing on the nittiest and grittiest albums of primeval tiki atmosphere, spanning a period of nearly 75 years. These are albums which are at the core of the tiki ethos; they are evocative of primitive, savage, and sensual imagery. Yet, while they typically include animal sounds and forge dark, mysterious, sonic environments, they also entice listeners to relax their souls through seductive invocations and soundtracks befitting paradisal Shangri-las. Now, without further ado…

Ultra Lounge: Mondo Exotica – Multiple Artists
A primer in hardcore tiki tunes, Mondo Exotica is a great introduction to the genre. Like the other anthologies in the Ultra Lounge series, this record showcases an impressive array of classic Easy Listening artists (several of whose albums are featured on this list), but while the series’s other albums conjure imagery of space-age bachelor pads, swank spies, and spicy Latin dances, Mondo Exotica weaves an audio tapestry that will wrap your senses in a mystical jungle of seduction.

Ritual of the Savage – Les Baxter
This one pretty much goes back to the origins of the Exotica movement. Les Baxter had already established a reputation as a composer and arranger of swing music, and he gradually cultivated his own variety of world music, combining Latin rhythms, island music and other influences. Containing song titles like “Sophisticated Savage” and “Stone God,” it is pretty safe to say that Ritual of the…

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