An Interview with James Vincent McMorrow – California News

An Interview with James Vincent McMorrow – California News

Musician James Vincent McMorrow has been busy. Since the release of his lauded debut album, Early in the Morning, in 2010, the Irish artist has made three more records — Post Tropical (2013), We Move (2016), and True Care (2017) — has toured internationally, and was introduced to tens of thousands of folks when HBO used his delicate, haunting cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” in the full-length trailer for the sixth season of Game of Thrones. He is currently on tour for True Care — which he will play in its entirety — with a stop at the Lobero on Saturday, August 12. I caught up with McMorrow recently over the phone from his home in Ireland. Amiable, quick to laugh, and introspective, the singer spoke of being a solo artist, defying genres, and following his musical muse.

Your music is hard to sum up in one genre, which I think keeps it interesting, but I suppose people want an easy definition sometimes. It’s definitely made my life a little bit more difficult in the sort of label sense of things. When people are trying to sell my music, there’s always that inevitable conversation we have where they’re like, “Well, where will we place it? … I’ve always considered myself as singer/songwriter. … I think that it sort of covers a great multitude of things and makes it easy for me to describe it like that.

How’s it being a solo artist? Have you ever wanted to have a band? No, I much prefer [working solo]. … I’m kind of a closed musical loop. I start the idea, and I finish the idea myself. I always have. As the years have gone on and I’ve made other records and I’ve expanded on that element of it, I bring…

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