Arizona Department of Corrections Mistakes: Prison Inmate’s Suicide – Arizona News

Arizona Department of Corrections Mistakes: Prison Inmate’s Suicide – Arizona News

Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 8 a.m.

Jonathan D. Wilson

Department of Corrections

On Monday afternoon, Jonathan Wilson met with mental health staff at the Eyman state prison complex in Florence. Seven hours later, he’d hung himself inside his cell.

Wilson, who was 31 years old, was serving a seven-year sentence for trafficking in stolen property. He’d been classified as an MH3B inmate, meaning that he was generally stable but needed regular psychological and psychiatric intervention.

“Over the weekend, he had been extremely agitated and paranoid, and was trying to get in touch with his family,” Corene Kendrick of the Prison Law Office said Wednesday, during a hearing in federal court.

Medical records show that hours before committing suicide, Wilson had met with one of the Department of Corrections’ psychologists and told them that he was experiencing increased paranoia and auditory hallucinations, she said.

“He asked to see a psychiatrist to adjust and evaluate his medication, and he reported that he was not being allowed calls and he was becoming paranoid about this.”

For some reason, though, this didn’t raise any red flags.

“The psych associate indicated that he was not a danger to himself or others,” Kendrick continued. “He was not placed on suicide watch, and he committed suicide about seven hours later.”

Wilson was supposed to see mental health staff every week, she pointed out, but over the past three months he’d gone nine or 10 days at a time without a visit.

Representatives for the Department of Corrections responded by arguing that, technically, they had complied with the Parsons v. Ryan…

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