Aspen rally denounces Trump’s vision – Colorado News

Aspen rally denounces Trump’s vision – Colorado News

Wendy Davis didn’t go on for 11 hours Wednesday in Aspen like her headline-grabbing filibuster as a Texas state senator, but she didn’t mince words in her 11-minute speech, either.

Davis, a last-minute addition to the political demonstration at Paepcke Park that was followed by a downtown march, urged the crowd of just under 100 to get to work on the 2018 midterm elections.

“I’m filled with the belief that in 2018 we’re going to do something phenomenal,” she told the crowd dominated by a retirement-age set. “In 2018 we’re going to show that in a midterm election, where people who are Democrats tend to stay home, we’re going to be coming out in full force. And we are going to show the strength of our vision and the strength of our voices at the ballot box and elsewhere. And we’re going to begin to make some incredibly important changes.”

Davis, who is on vacation in Aspen this week with her family, was lured in to speak by Blanca O’Leary, a fellow Texan who lives in Aspen and once headed the Pitkin County Democratic Party. Davis joined speakers including Aspen pediatrician Dr. Bill Mitchell, former Aspen Mayor John Bennett, Pitkin County Commissioner Rachel Richards and Sloan Shoemaker, executive director of the conservation watchdog Wilderness Workshop, which is based in Carbondale.

The theme among the speakers was common: President Donald Trump’s divide-and-conquer vision for America is sullying its reputation, stripping away basic human rights, tarnishing the environment and possibly leading it to war with North Korea.

Some demonstrators hoisted signs signifying all they deplore about the president. Others, like Joyce Jenkins, who recently moved from…

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