Constitutional republic or socialism? | Opinion – California News

Constitutional republic or socialism? | Opinion – California News

Today, there is a coup directed against President Trump. It should frighten everyone in America, whether a Trump supporter or not. Are we now living in a police state where anyone who disagrees with the status quo, will be targeted as well as his family, and face criminal charges? If this coup succeeds, our Constitutional Republic is gone.

From the start, the Russian investigation, which began as a counter-intelligence investigation with no evidence of criminal activity, is being used by Democrats and others to politically damage the president and possibly impeach him. And details are being leaked to a biased press.

Recently, special counsel Mueller, who should be replaced because of serious conflicts of interest, has impaneled a grand jury in Washington DC, where the jury pool comes from an area that is 96 percent Democratic. Witch-hunt? He can now subpoena documents, put witnesses under oath and indict. “You can indict a ham sandwich,” comes to mind. Now with little evidence of collusion with Russia, Mueller is targeting Trump family businesses.

Why isn’t real corruption being investigated by Mueller and his band of Democrats? What about Hillary’s e-mail scandal, the Russian uranium deal, Obama’s unmasking, daily leaks, and the massive IT scandal involving 12 Democratic congressmen, Debbie Wassermann Schultz, and the Pakistani Awan family?

Your choice, America. Do you want a Constitutional Republic or Socialism, where government controls your life?

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