Does Nolan Arenado have a realistic shot at NL MVP this year? – The Denver Post – Colorado News

Does Nolan Arenado have a realistic shot at NL MVP this year? – The Denver Post – Colorado News

Denver Post sports writer Patrick Saunders posts his Rockies Mailbag every other week on Tuesdays during the season.

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We have two similar questions to begin the latest mailbag.

MVP race: Do you think Nolan Arenado and or Charlie Blackmon have a realistic shot at winning the MVP this year? The bummer would be if they split the vote and both lose out.
— Thom Herlin, Littleton

What will it take for Nolan to be recognized as the best player in baseball and be voted the NL MVP? Does the Rockies making the playoffs garner enough attention that gets him the necessary votes? Thanks for your opinion Patrick.
— Bears Baker, Eagle

Thom and Bear, if the Rockies make the playoffs, and I think they will, then both Arenado and Blackmon should at least get serious consideration. Full disclosure: I have an NL MVP vote this year.

However, members of the national media who also have a vote are going to look hard at the Coors Field factor. They will also note which players have the highest WAR and OPS.

Currently, Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona’s great first baseman, leads the NL with a 5.5 WAR, followed by Washington’s Anthony Rendon (5.0), Arenado (5.0), Cincinnati’s Joey Votto (5.0), Los Angeles’ Corey Seager (4.7) and Washington’s Bryce Harper (4.6).

Blackmon ranks 14th, with a WAR of 3.7. However, in OPS, Chuck Nasty is fifth, with a .997.

Votto is tops in the NL with a 1.041 OPS, closely followed by Goldschmidt (1.026) and the Dodgers’ Justin Turner (1.009). Arenado is ranks 10th (.955).

I definitely think Arenado’s growing reputation as the best fielding third baseman in the game will help him. In…

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