Eagle Eye: Wanted: More parks for recreation | American Canyon News – California News

Eagle Eye: Wanted: More parks for recreation | American Canyon News – California News

A recent discussion before the City Council about adding parks to the Broadway District (see story, page A1) underlined an ongoing challenge for American Canyon to provide more space for recreational activities.

On paper, the city seems to have a lot of existing parkland. But numbers don’t always tell the full story, according to Parks and Recreation Director Creighton Wright.

“We have 23 developed park sites, plus another 20 or so developed trails, right-of-ways and other landscaped areas,” Wright told the American Canyon Eagle via email. “We have another 12 undeveloped areas. Finally, we have about 1,200 acres of protected wetlands (Newell Open Space, wetlands, and a few smaller sites).”

“In total,” he added, “we oversee and maintain about 60 total sites (some very small) equaling 86 acres of developed landscape areas and parks, 40 acres in undeveloped sites, and the 1,200 acres of open space.”

Given this accounting of parks and open space territory, American Canyon would seem flush with outdoor opportunities. It is, and it isn’t.

Once population — and the needs of that population — are considered, it becomes apparent that the city really could use more parks, or at least a certain type and size of park that it currently doesn’t have.

Wright noted that the city’s General Plan set a goal of having five acres of parks for every 1,000 residents. Currently, the actual ratio is below that standard: 4.3 acres.

Besides not meeting the 5-acre benchmark, there’s another important factor for the city: American Canyon…

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