How Redlands skatepark donors will be recognized – California News

How Redlands skatepark donors will be recognized – California News

REDLANDS >> The Redlands skatepark still needs funding, and its supporters have found a way to thank those who donate.

Friends of Redlands Skatepark, or FORS, has implemented a donor recognition program for those who donate more than $100 toward building a skatepark in Sylvan Park.

The donors will be recognized via a bench plaque in the park, similar to those along the Orange Blossom Trail, said Maureen Perez, co-founder of FORS.

Those who give more than $100 will be recognized in a bigger way, Perez said, but the group is still working out the details.

The group also intends to recognize those who have donated in prior years.

“This has to be retroactive all the way back to people who gave from day one,” Perez said. “We want everybody to be recognized.”

Community donations and a recent grant have pushed the total amount raised toward the project past the $100,000 mark.

The park is estimated to cost more than $700,000 to build.

The goal is to raise an additional $90,000 in community donations by the end of September.

“I’m just really glad the community is behind it. It’s fantastic,” Perez said. “I’m glad people are hanging in there. They know something like this can take years to get accomplished. I don’t think we’re almost there, I know we’re almost there.”

The City Council approved the skatepark in 2006.

In 2013, the city pledged $200,000 in matching funds for the project, which has been used to hire the skatepark’s designer and conduct the environmental review.

In March, the skatepark was awarded a $25,000 donation by the Tony Hawk Foundation, which was a major boost.

The city also has applied for…

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