How to Get Drunk at Outside Lands – By brad-japhe – August 9, 2017 – California News

How to Get Drunk at Outside Lands – By brad-japhe – August 9, 2017 – California News

“It’s becoming harder to remember the time before Beer Lands came along,” says Magnolia Brewing’s Dave McLean. “It’s twice as big as it was the first year, and has a prime crossroads location that makes it easy for people to hit on their way to and from any of the performance stages.”

Truth: At the far end of the Polo Field, it’s nearly impossible to miss the outsized collection of 30 local beer and cider producers this weekend. McLean returns to curate the craft-beer section for the sixth year running, as Outside Lands celebrates its 10th go-round. The festival has matured considerably, and there are plenty of stellar acts to see — remember that year when the headliners were Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, and Tenacious D? Yikes — but aside from making us all feel really old, this anniversary also means that the folks putting it on have had a decade to dial in the details. Not that there was much that needed dialing — it’s hard to imagine another urban music festival affording the excess found in Golden Gate Park every August.

Dave McLean (Cal Bingham)

“We started out with an all-California lineup six years ago and have evolved to featuring only breweries from Northern California,” McLean says. “Ten of this year’s breweries are either based in or brewed in San Francisco proper.” In the near future, you could envision him sourcing beers exclusively from within a one-mile radius of the Land’s End stage.

An array of craft draft from 101 North, Altamont, Alvarado Street, Black Sands, and Laughing Monk, as well as Oakland United all make their festival debut this year. Since the hop craze shows no signs of slowing, expect to find all…

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