Lauren Jauregui ‘proud’ of her sexuality | Entertainment – Arizona News

Lauren Jauregui ‘proud’ of her sexuality | Entertainment – Arizona News

Lauren Jauregui is “proud” of her sexuality.

The Fifth Harmony singer publicly came out as bisexual in November 2016, and has said she feels “motivated” rather than “scared” when it comes to showing off who she is, as she wants to encourage people to “find the strength to accept” themselves.

She said: “You can’t use the fact that I’m bisexual against me if that’s something I’m proud of. I feel motivated more than scared to share who I am because it makes me feel awesome when someone comes up to me and says that because of me she was able to find the strength to accept herself.”

Lauren, 21, still has her struggles with her image, but says “every single inch” of her body makes her who she is, and she doesn’t want to change that.

She added: “I’ve had times where everyone’s like, ‘Wow, you look so skinny! You look great!’ And they don’t know I’m in a really depressed place, and that’s why I look like that. I’m all about doing little things that make you feel healthier, like going to the gym or drinking water. If I’m like, ‘I hate what I’m seeing in the mirror,’ I say, ‘Okay, what are we going to do to fix it?’ Regardless, every single inch and scar is what makes you you.”

And Lauren isn’t the only member of the ‘Down’ hitmakers who wants to use her position as a public figure for good, as Normani Kordei says her own struggles with her image have inspired her to “influence a whole generation” to be confident in their own skin.

The 21-year-old singer told Seventeen magazine’s Back To School issue: “I’ve struggled with…

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