Mendocino County revisits cannabis cultivation rules – California News

Mendocino County revisits cannabis cultivation rules – California News

Mendocino County on Tuesday took another stab at its Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance, the rules governing all aspects of dealing with cannabis up to the harvest stage.

Local cultivators, big and small, have been voicing concerns from the outset about seemingly every aspect of the ordinance, arguing that the county did not do enough in the first version to help them along in becoming legal. Supervisors have agreed some changes can be made, but not with the wave of a magic wand.

“We have an industry…that’s been about for four decades, and there’s so much to it,” said Supervisor Dan Hamburg.

The Board of Supervisors dedicated a full day to cannabis after amassing complaints made by cultivators from permit fees to lack of consistency between departments to accessibility requirements. Recurring most often is criticism of the sluggish pace of the two departments that have been in charge so far, Planning and Building and Agriculture.

County CEO Carmel Angelo reported on Tuesday that two permits had been issued by the Department of Agriculture, while nearly 700 applications are waiting in the backlog.

“We are in the weeds,” Angelo said. “If you look at my office, we are daily working on the very issues that you have been dealing with all day.”

Piggybacking on its last discussion on July 18, the county again opened up the ordinance on Tuesday in the interest of getting as many cultivators on board with the legal process as possible.

The board has taken a chisel to the rules, rather than a jackhammer – as some may have wanted – but some notable changes have been indicated.

In addition to extending the permit…

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