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Pond Fishing | Evening Times – Arkansas News

Pond Fishing

Times Outdoors Columnist Ponds are small bodies of water that can vary from a half acre to 10 acres. They can be almost any size and any shape from round to square to star shaped with several points. Because many ponds are dug out to get fill dirt, especially along the interstate highways, they are called bar pits. The dirt was borrowed from the site to be taken elsewhere. Quite often these ponds are deep and are good fishing. Always be sure you have permission to fish if the entrance is on private property. The ponds next to the highways are generally open to the public.

There are several good fishing ponds close to us, but they are privately owned and require permission to fish. These may or may not have fishing piers, many with fish feeders producing some very nice fish. These ponds are stocked and well cared for with nicely trimmed shorelines.

The highway bar pits can also have good fishing with Mother Nature providing the fish. Often there are many small fish with just a few big keepers. Who knows how the fish got into these waters? State fish limits apply to all the ponds. A word of advice, quite often the weeds are tall around the edges, so watch out for snakes and spray on a heavy dose of insect repellant to keep the chiggers and mosquitoes off.

Many of these ponds are not large enough for or do not have boat ramps, so it’s fishing off the banks. There are always bream and catfish and that makes it fun to go back to basics with a cane pole using worms or crickets. If the bank is clean, that’s a good place to teach the kids the fun of fishing. Fishing off fenced piers is also a great way to introduce the little ones,…

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