Vehicle break-ins down thanks to ‘Remove it, Lock it or Lose it’ – Alabama News

Vehicle break-ins down thanks to ‘Remove it, Lock it or Lose it’ – Alabama News


Follow these simple steps and lower the chances of being the victim of a car burglary.

Last week, Don Cook was asleep in his Hillwood home when the security alarm on his phone woke him up just past midnight.

Three burglars were trying to break into his car.

The burglars had tripped the surveillance camera on the side of Cook’s home and the app on his phone alerted him to the danger. Although they were out of view from his upstairs window, the cameras picked up three people trying the car handle, found it locked and left the scene.

“The police arrived within minutes and I was able to share the video with them and they were able to describe the suspects over the radio and begin a search immediately. It was amazing,” Cook said.

“In the past, if I reported something like this, the response was not always great, but this time they seemed determined, professional and stayed with my wife on the phone until police arrived.”

It’s a scenario many in Montgomery may relate to, but one that is on the decline this year after police have worked to push several policing methods and campaigns such as  “Remove it, Lock it or Lose it,” to discourage vehicle break-ins.

According to police data, vehicle burglaries are down 14 percent from last year with 821 vehicle break-ins from January to June compared to 958 break-ins in that time last year.


Here are the latest arrest mugshots provided by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Because Cook followed “Remove it, Lock it or Lose it,” he did not become a statistic.

“We’re seeing a real responsiveness from the public….

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