29 terms every fly-fisher should know – Colorado News

29 terms every fly-fisher should know – Colorado News

Just like any activity, hobby or sport, fly-fishing has its own interesting words and terms. Some are straightforward and others are words that a new angler might not know. I’m going to run down some of these words and terms and define them for you, so you can use them while talking to your buddy or local fly shop.

Backing: The braided line that is added to the reel before the fly line. It helps bulk up the reel, so the fly line is closer to the outside of the spool. It also adds more line to the reel and is helpful when large fish aggressively runs.

Barbless: Using a hook with no barb. Some hooks are manufactured without a barb. Many anglers and guides will press the barb down to make the hook barbless. It’s easier to remove a barbless hook from a fish, making it better for catch and release practices.

Dead Drift: When a fly is presented and traveling at the same pace as the current.

Drag: (1) An unnatural motion of the fly caused by the effect of the current on the line and the leader. (2)Resistance applied to the reel spool to prevent it from turning faster.

Drift: The intended path of the fly in or on the moving water

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Dropper: The practice of fishing two flies at the same time, typically one on the surface (dry fly) and a second fly underwater (nymph or emerger).

Emerger: The phase in the life cycle of an aquatic insect when the nymph reaches the surface and the adult hatches out.

Ferrule: The point where sections of the fly rod are connected. The end of one section fits inside the end of another, in an overlapping fashion at the ferrule.

Floatant: A waterproofing gel or powder that is used to help flies, tippet, and leaders…

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