3 Beautiful Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Kitchen | Kitchen, Bed & Bath – Connecticut News

3 Beautiful Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Kitchen | Kitchen, Bed & Bath – Connecticut News

(StatePoint) If your kitchen is bland or boring, it’s time for an update. Consider those home projects that add pops of color and beauty, inspiring you to do your best culinary work.

Here are three beautiful ways to add new hues to any kitchen.

Natural Color

For a verdant, fragrant and useful pop of color, grow an herb garden right in your kitchen. From lavender to basil to chives, you can brighten your kitchen with natural colors, while adding some zest to salads, stews and more.

Evaluate your kitchen for direct sunlight to determine the ideal size and shape of your garden, then get creative. Many people choose to create a hanging wall garden. Others prefer a tiered counter for the floor or pots for the countertop.

Functional Focal Point

Consider creating a focal point in your kitchen in an eye-catching color that adds vitality to the space. One great way to do this is by focusing on the heart of every kitchen — the range. Experts point out that black finishes in the kitchen have reemerged as a trending design element this year. So if you do choose black, you may prefer to emphasize this selection with a gloss finish, which can add a layer of elegance, drama and sophistication to the kitchen.

Standard colors are offered everywhere, but for something more unexpected, seek out brands that also offer customization in addition to classic choices like gloss black, such as ILVE. Through its Custom Color Program, you can select one of 213 RAL Classic colors for your range or hood. The brand, known for professional quality custom Italian appliances…

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