Ask Eartha: What’s with the “Love this Place Like A Local” campaign? – Colorado News

Ask Eartha: What’s with the “Love this Place Like A Local” campaign? – Colorado News

Dear Eartha,

I’ve seen stickers around town that say, “Love this Place Like A Local” and wanted to know more about the campaign. What a great concept to let people know how much we love this place!

-Ann, Frisco

Dear Ann,

This summer, the Eartha Steward household wanted to engage both locals and visitors around a message that conveys the love we have for our community and environment. There’s nothing more important than a shared sense of value for the place we live! The new community engagement campaign, #BeLOCAL, hopes to inspire all locals and would-be locals to care more and do more to protect and preserve our mountain home. What does this mean exactly?

No matter who you are or where you’re from, we consider you a local if you care enough about this place to conserve, give back and make a difference. Forget about labels or how many years you’ve lived here or how many days you’ve skied. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is having the right attitude and taking action. #BeLOCAL is about rallying our community together in a fun, engaging way to increase our commitment to recycling, composting, energy conservation, water conservation and living in a more sustainable way.

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