Boy and family walk across country for diabetes cure – Colorado News

Boy and family walk across country for diabetes cure – Colorado News

Noah Barnes, 11, has spent more than 200 days walking on foot across the country. He’s covered hundreds and hundreds of miles and has been through eight states. When asked Wednesday what his favorite part of the journey has been, he was quick to answer.

“I like Colorado because of the mountains,” Noah said with a smile as he and his father, Robert, took a quick break on Highway 6 in Glenwood Springs.

Noah and his family are traveling across the country — from Key West, Florida, to Washington state — to raise awareness and funds for Type 1 Diabetes research. They call it Noah’s March. An article about a diabetes walk fundraiser first prompted the idea. But Noah wanted to do more. After seeing the documentary “Into the Wind” about Terry Fox running across Canada after losing one of his legs to cancer, he was even more inspired.

“Noah thought, if Terry Fox can do it on one leg, he could definitely do it with two,” Robert Barnes said.

Robert said Noah begged him to let him make the trip a reality. When he pointed out the necessary money to sponsor such a journey — a billion, the dad guessed — Noah asked, “Don’t you have that?”

When reminded how large the country is, Noah didn’t budge on his positivity of it being possible.

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Robert and Noah did interval training in the sand to prepare for the long days on foot.

“I would ask him, ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ And he’d always say ‘yes,’ ” Robert said.

So Robert quit his job, cashed in his 401k and the entire family hit the road together on Noah’s March.

Robert and Noah average about 20 miles a day, but the mountains and altitude have slowed them in the past couple of days.

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