Carpinteria Bluffs Permanently Preserved – California News

Carpinteria Bluffs Permanently Preserved – California News

Paul Wellman

Clockwise from top left, artist Arturo Tello, the Land Trust’s Chet Work, Carpinteria City Councilmember Wade Nomura, and the Land Trust’s Carrie Mullen and Jennifer Stroh announce the purchase of 21 acres of Carpinteria Bluffs to be turned over to Carpinteria as a public open space and nature preserve.

Land Trust Now Proud Owner of the 21 Acres of Beloved Open Space

Raising $6.9 million, the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County is now the proud owner of 21 acres of open space on the Carpinteria Bluffs, a piece of oceanfront land that, over the years, investors have pushed to develop into a destination resort ​— ​only to be rebuffed by a conservation-minded community willing to back up sentiment with lots of cash.

In March of last year, the Land Trust entered a $6 million purchase agreement for the acreage ​— ​located just to the east of the existing 52-acre Carpinteria Bluffs Nature Preserve ​— ​putting down $3 million and financing the balance. Chet Work, the Land Trust’s executive director, said at the time the nonprofit land-protection group would need at least two years to bankroll its ambitious $7.9 million campaign to pay off the property, get going on restoration, and set up an endowment to cover ongoing maintenance. “We gave it two years, and we did it in one,” Work said. “The…

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