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Cloverdale Letters to the Editor | Opinion – California News

Share the love of learning

EDITOR: The first day of school is only a week away and our community can share the love by supporting the teachers caring for our students. You can share the love by shopping the local businesses hosting “Stock a Student Classroom” project contribution boxes. Check Ace Hardware for rulers, compasses and protractors; Cloverdale Pharmacy for crayons, markers and pencils; Dollar General for binders, dividers and scissors; both the UPS store and Mail Center/Reveille for tapes, cards and papers. Donated supplies can also be left at Redwood Credit Union, the library and fire house boxes.

This community project brings three distinct benefits as it gives our students the strong message of community encouragement, provides support for the local businesses and donors comes away with the warm glow that comes from assisting others.  Thank you for your gifts.

Linda Clapp

Chair, “Stock a Student Classroom”

Thanks for the beauty

EDITOR: I was sorry to learn that the community garden will be discontinued in its present location. I’ve lived here many years and that lot had always looked abandoned. All the green and colorful growing things were a major improvement.

My thanks to Neena Hanchett and the chamber for their efforts. And my thanks to Mardi Grainger, who made the garden happen, and to all the gardeners, for bringing so much beauty downtown.

CD Grant


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