Events upset over bed tax funds | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Events upset over bed tax funds | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

The prospect of a $3,700 drop in grant funding from the City of Prescott did not sit well with organizers of the annual Corvette Car Show this week.

In a sometimes-heated discussion on Tuesday, Aug. 8, the Prescott City Council considered the annual bed-tax allocations that go to help local events.

Ultimately, the council chose to delay a decision on the grant amounts to allow for adjustments in three of the allocations.

Driving this week’s discussion was the disappointment of organizers of the Corvette Car Show, which is scheduled to take place in downtown Prescott in September.

While the event received $3,900 in a bed-tax allocation from the city in 2016, the recommended amount for the organization this year was $200.

Organizers Jerry Jones and Louie Gomez appeared before the council to question that reduction.

“This year, we got clobbered with it, and it was a surprise,” Jones, chairman of the car show committee, said of the city’s policy. Even so, he added, “We’re big boys, and we can handle it.”

But Gomez took the city to task for the decrease in funding, maintaining that the event could easily be moved to another community.

“We don’t need your $200,” Gomez told the council. “We can move (the show).”

He cautioned, however, that a move out of the city would have an economic impact on Prescott. “We fill every hotel in the tri-city area,” Gomez said, adding that 7,000 to 10,000 people attend.

Each year, the club uses the money from the city to cover costs such as event barricades and porta-johns, Gomez said. With proceeds from the Corvette Car Show regularly going to charity, he said, “Money we don’t get from you guys…

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