Fresh, natural & organic | – California News

Fresh, natural & organic | – California News

Longtime North Lake Tahoe locals, the Habeger family, have turned what they saw as a need for fresh, organic produce in the area into a family run store serving as a one-stop-shop for a healthy lifestyle.

Tahoe Central Market in Kings Beach offers a wide selection of grocery items, including a gorgeous produce display, cold drinks, Truckee Sourdough baked goods, a hearty wine and beer selection, organic, upscale meat and dairy products, and an array of snacks that won’t leave people worrying about their waistlines after indulging.

The market also features a full organic juice bar and deli counter for customizable salads and sandwiches with fresh ingredients.

“We definitely have healthy options here, 90 percent of the produce and items we get from the farms are natural and organic and if they’re not organic then the local farm that produced it is still waiting on organic certification,” said Bobby Habeger, who is the manager and son of the founders of Tahoe Central Market.

He explained how his parents got started 20 years ago with Habeger Produce. When Bobby was 9 or 10 years old, he recalled his parents started the produce business, they would leave around two or three in the morning to pick up the freshest fruit and vegetables around from farmers markets in the California foothills. After loading the family vehicle with as much produce as possible, the Habegers would deliver it to accounts in North Lake Tahoe.

True to the family’s roots, they still do same-day delivery of their produce, keeping it as fresh as possible.

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