Gigabit-level internet speed is coming soon to Avon’s Traer Creek Village – Colorado News

Gigabit-level internet speed is coming soon to Avon’s Traer Creek Village – Colorado News

AVON — Traer Creek is bringing fiber optic gigabit internet service to Traer Creek Village by the end of October. Traer Creek is ensuring that the Village will receive high speed internet and first-class customer service at competitive pricing through an agreement with a broadband service provider named While other providers in the valley offer 10-50 megabits per second, will be offering 1,000 megabits (one gigabit) per second within the Village using Traer Creek’s conduit.

“The goal with offering gigabit speed in the Village is to provide users with a higher-quality service from a speed, pricing, customer service and internet reliability standpoint,” said Marcus Lindholm, manager of Traer Creek LLC. “With more people needing to connect to multiple devices, we sought out a provider that we believe will bring first-class service to the Village’s tenants, customers and businesses.”

As part of the agreement has guaranteed 99.99 percent service availability, which equates to a total downtime per year of roughly 52.56 minutes per year.

“We are designing our Village network based on advanced MPLS technology which can re-route around failures in a fraction of a second such that subscribers don’t usually even notice there was a problem,” Jawaid Bazyar, President of, said

Fiber-optic internet service will create a more stable connection at all times, especially during high-demand periods. This will give businesses in the area a significantly more reliable connection.

“Having the ability to offer gigabit service is a big win for the Village,” Lindholm said. “With faster and more reliable internet…

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