Improving traffic flow: Early results of Dumbarton corridor study | News – California News

Improving traffic flow: Early results of Dumbarton corridor study | News – California News

For those locked in traffic as they cross the Bay over the Dumbarton Bridge every day, the time it will take to improve traffic flow by making major changes to the vehicle bridge and the nearby abandoned rail bridge may seem like an eternity.

But an early presentation on a Facebook-sponsored $1 million study of the Dumbarton transportation corridor suggests these changes may be expedited.

According to the presentation, given Aug. 2 to the governing board of the San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans), it could be feasible to:

• Increase the frequency and number of destinations of transbay buses by 2020.

• Convert a traffic lane on the road bridge to either an express lane or a shifting lane that matches commute direction by 2025.

• Rebuild the abandoned rail bridge and activate a rail shuttle across the Bay to connect Redwood City to Union City by 2030.

These timelines, of course, assume such projects can be funded in time. Estimated costs amount to more than $1.8 billion by 2025, plus another $295 million to expand the rail service from Newark to Union City in the East Bay.

The timelines also assume that the many jurisdictions and agencies that would be involved in the projects are on board. That includes Caltrain, Union Pacific, the Alameda County Transportation Commission, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Caltrans, the State Transportation Board, and the cities the routes would pass through.

By 2020

One change being considered to reduce traffic along the Dumbarton corridor is building a bicycle and pedestrian path along the Dumbarton rail right-of-way. However, SamTrans principal planner Melissa Reggiardo said that…

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