Robbers pick off two in Stamford – Connecticut News

Robbers pick off two in Stamford – Connecticut News

STAMFORD-Two robberies were reported in Stamford Wednesday night into Thursday and one juvenile was charged with a strong-armed robbery.

The first robbery occurred at Pacific and Henry streets, at about 10 p.m. Wednesday where a man who was walking in the area said he was approached by three young men.

One of the men ended up stepping forward and punched the man in the face and took all of his money.

The trio fled south on Pacific Street. A short time later three boys were stopped by police and the robbery victim was brought by where they were being detained to have a look at them.

The man ended up identifying one of the boys, who was 16, and he was taken to the Youth Bureau at police headquarters and booked on robbery charges.

Later that night at about 1 a.m. Thursday a visitor from Fairfield walking from Bedford Street heading toward his mother’s apartment, was approached by two males while on Forest Street near Lindale Street.

One of the men demanded all of his money. The man told police that he was pretty sure that the man telling him to hand it over was pointing a small pistol at him as he spoke.

The man told police the two were young black males about six-foot two inches tall and skinny.

They were wearing black hoodies at the time and the man said it would be difficult to recognize them.

The man ended up giving the pair a little over $100 in cash and watched as the two fled toward Lindale Street.

The Fairfield man was not injured during the street robbery.;

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