Royal Blood’s Two Man Band Are the New Ambassadors of Cool – California News

Royal Blood’s Two Man Band Are the New Ambassadors of Cool – California News

Friday, August 11, 2017 at 12:31 p.m.

There are some out there suggesting that rock is dead. Then again, when there are bands like Royal Blood out there, those proclamations hold no water. Hitting the music scene hard over the last four years, their loud and progressively powerful sound continues to suck us all in. The music is raw, it’s different, it’s loud and makes you shake from head to toe. Who knew two guys could make so much noise that sounds so damn good?!

Their meteoric rise has been so unbelievable, it’s almost unheard of and un-chartable. Royal Blood consists of two Dudes, Mike Kerr (vocals, bass / guitar, keys and piano) and Ben Thatcher (drums, percussion and piano). The dynamic duo formed the band in 2013 in Brighton, England. What’s even more remarkable, they’re teenage friends. From jump-street, they played in various bands together and autonomously. Once they settled in as Royal Blood, they wasted no time in getting their sound in check. The guys from MUSE once said “don’t waste your time or time will waste you.”

They could have been talking about Royal Blood because these cats are on the fast track to Rock God status. Their music encompasses hard rock and that blues rock sound that people seem to dig. They’ve said that they think they’ve invented their own “recipe” with their unique sound.  Some say that their success is due in part to their ability to appeal to fans of different genres, you know, the masses.

The band hit the scene hard in November, 2013 with their debut single, “Out of the Black.” followed by “Little Monster” in 2014. Then, they set the proverbial world…

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