Ryan Foo of the Black Actors Guild and We Are Denver – Colorado News

Ryan Foo of the Black Actors Guild and We Are Denver – Colorado News

Mainly, Ryan Foo is a human, living and breathing on planet Earth. But he’s the kind of human who draws other people together as an event producer, emcee, teacher, comedian and Illfoominati podcaster, and who, in his own words, is also a “guy who helped paint some trees blue downtown.” This summer, you might have seen him on the 16th Street Mall at Meet in the Street or heard him mining Denver’s creative community on the airways as part of the We Are Denver collective; for several years, he’s helped make people laugh as a member of the Black Actors Guild. We invited Foo to take a break from making things happen to answer the 100CC questionnaire; read on to see where he goes with that.

What (or who) is your creative muse?

Reality is my muse. Creation itself. The living, breathing, conscious fabric of the world: She pulses with the very moment, and she is my great inspiration.

One of her most fantastic manifestations is also a great creative muse of mine who goes by the name Eutimia. She is a force to be reckoned with, a brilliant mystic who has shaped the person I am, wish to be, and will certainly become. I love her. All of the corny love poems and songs about “the way she dances” never made sense to me — until Eutimia came into my life. Now it’s very clear.

We are potent reflections of one another, which means that things can be pretty intense sometimes. But we are always coming through the other side together, in healing, and with more and more grace. Plus, we take the time to really just enjoy life together. I am so excited to be moving forward with her.

Which three people, dead or alive, would you like to invite to your next party, and why?

Oh, snap —…

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