A Key to the City – hooray | Lifestyle – California News

A Key to the City – hooray | Lifestyle – California News

Our city of Elk Grove is once again recognizing people by presenting them with a Key to the City, a special award to honor individuals who have made contributions, locally as well as state and nationwide. There are six people on the list to add to the seven that were recognized in previous years. Our 2017 recipients are two generals, two athletes, an ambassador, and a very special community leader.

Roy Herburger, who is known by everyone, is our local recipient. He has been owner, publisher, and Mr. Everything with the Elk Grove Citizen newspaper and publishing since 1959. He has also been greatly involved with all community activities and organizations for almost six decades. We have Herburger Elementary School and Herburger Park, and we all applaud his selection for this honor.

Our two generals who will receive the Key to the City are Terry Wolff and Donald Ralph, and they are both EGUSD supergrads. I have written about both of them in previous HHH stories, but here is some information about them.

U.S. Air Force Gen. Donald Ralph was the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command, a major component of U.S. Special Operations employing specialized air power with more than 19,000 active-duty, reserve, Air National Guard and civilian professionals. General Ralph entered the Air Force in 1980 after graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He was also a pilot for Delta Airlines, regularly flying his B777 to Beijing, Shanghai, and Seoul. Donald Ralph’s parents are Lori and Hal Nedved who live in…

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