Anamieke Quinn Las Chollas Peligrosas Phoenix Music Treasurefruit – Arizona News

Anamieke Quinn Las Chollas Peligrosas Phoenix Music Treasurefruit – Arizona News

In Pound For The Sound, New Times gets technical with local musicians about what gear they use to create their signature style.

Bassist and guitarist Anamieke Quinn has been playing and writing music almost her whole life. She has been involved in several other facets of the music industry, even acting as the soundperson for her all-women acoustic group, Las Chollas Peligrosas.

Quinn was born in California, but moved to Arizona at an early age, so she considers herself a Phoenician. She started writing songs before she could play an instrument, crafting them vocally. She played bass in orchestra, and eventually tried accompanying herself with just bass, a move that people said sounded “weird.” As a teenager, she took the feedback and picked up the guitar.

After graduating and years of performing covers at local coffee shops and open mics, Anamieke moved to Los Angeles for college. That’s where her career really began, with her band Anamieke and The Elements. She did the whole “L.A.” thing for a while.

Flash forward years later and Quinn is back in Arizona, where she performs with her band Treasurefruit (who will be releasing new music soon) and as an integral member of Las Chollas Peligrosas. She is also part of the events team at The Rogue Bar and has been coordinating the Sidepony Express Music Festival for the past six years in Bisbee.

Quinn, and the rest of Las Chollas Peligrosas, are performing on Friday, August 11, at Crescent Ballroom. New Times was able to get in some words with Quinn about her instruments, challenges of playing acoustic, and her upcoming show.

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