Art Review: “Re:Sisters” at ASU Art Museum Tempe – Arizona News

Art Review: “Re:Sisters” at ASU Art Museum Tempe – Arizona News

The modern-day resistance movement is getting a makeover at ASU Art Museum, where an exhibition called “RE:SISTERS” is turning traditional ideas of protest on their head.

It’s the work of artists Janelle and Lisa Iglesias, two sisters who collaborate under the name Las Hermanas Iglesias.

The show’s title references their relationship, and the central role of resistance in their work.

Before “RE:SISTERS” opened on Saturday, July 8, the artists spent four weeks using the gallery as an art studio as part of the museum’s artist residency program.

The residency is designed to help artists develop and experiment with new bodies of work. Participating artists are housed at Combine Studios in the Roosevelt Row arts district.

During their time at the museum, the sisters transformed objects, and aspects of the space itself, as part of their unique twist on what it means to resist dominant culture.

Rather than focusing on anger or fear, like much of what we’re seeing in the Trump era, Las Hermanas Iglesias undertakes resistance as an act of joyful collaboration, optimism, and play.

Using primarily prints and sculptural installations, they disrupt conventional ideas and relationships – including the use of borders to divide people.

It’s a powerful approach, partly explained by their heritage. It beckons viewers to consider barriers affecting their lives and communities, and prompts consideration of creative ways to address them.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, the Iglesias sisters are mindful of the immigrant experience at the heart of so much heated political rhetoric. Their mother hails from Norway, and their father from the Dominican Republic.

Now, Lisa…

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