ASTROLOGICAL STARCAST: Beginning August 10 | Astrology – California News

ASTROLOGICAL STARCAST: Beginning August 10 | Astrology – California News


With as wild and tumultuous as the current times may feel to be, there is a saving loving grace within it all Aries, as Venus travels through Cancer and harmonizes with heavenly Neptune to soften those hard landings and comfort your heart where you need a little tenderness We are in between eclipses and the energy now is so potent, you could sculpt just about anything into your own making with the help of your ruler Mars transiting fellow fire sign Leo. Venus also combines with Mercury in Virgo to help you fix a nagging irritant in an area where you have felt undervalued. It is a game changing few weeks and in some cases there may be no way to prepare for what sits on the horizon with Uranus in your sign combining with perfect precision to the coming Total Solar Eclipse on Aug. 21st in Leo. Its all about choices made leading up to this point that are contributing to key events that will occur in the next few weeks, an event that will open up your path in ways that not even you could predict. Prepare for a push of discomfort followed by a celebration!


Evolution requires a great deal from every Soul at key turns. At the very least, it will demand that you access an essential courage that will carry you all the way through the turn. It isn’t enough to start something if you can’t find it in you to carry it all the way home. Your ruler is in Cancer which is progressively opposing Pluto as we pull into next week, suggesting you are going to need to pull yourself up by your own emotional bootstraps and have a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting with a key other. It will prove to be a seminal moment for you Taurus, and expressing this kind of emotion may activate an…

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