Bridge: Beginning bridge classes start up in October – Connecticut News

Bridge: Beginning bridge classes start up in October – Connecticut News

Published 4:46 pm, Friday, August 11, 2017

The Greenwich Adult and Continuing Education program will once again this fall be offering bridge classes in the evenings at Greenwich High School. The two seven-week courses, intended primarily for beginners, will get under way in October.

The first of these, Bridge 1: Beginner, is scheduled for Wednesday evenings starting Oct. 4. The second, Bridge 2: Advanced Beginners, is slated for Thursday evenings starting Oct. 19 and is for those who have completed a prior beginner’s course or its equivalent.

Registration can be done online at or by calling 203-625-7474. GACE advises that classes depend on a minimum enrollment, so if you are interested, you should act immediately. Conversely, waiting too long may cost you a place in a class that becomes full.

Elsewhere, duplicate players are reminded that the three-day Connecticut sectional tournament begins in Stamford this Friday. Complete details on events and starting times may be found at

Today’s quiz: Here is another in the current series of quizzes on overcalls and takeout doubles. In the following problem, neither side is vulnerable and your left-hand opponent (the dealer) opens the bidding with one diamond. Partner overcalls with one spade and right-hand opponent passes. What action (if any) would you take with the following hand?

S Q65 H K84 D 53 C AK842

Answer: This question has two possible answers. If you play that a three-spade bid in this situation would invite partner to bid four spades, that is what you should do. If partner has a minimum overcall (8-11 points) he can pass, but…

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