Electricity came to Carpinteria in August of 1914. | News – California News

Electricity came to Carpinteria in August of 1914. | News – California News

Editor’s note: Longtime Carpinterian Lou Panizzon recently discovered a copy of a 1940 Directory of Carpinteria Valley and Summerland online and forwarded it to Coastal View News. Published by the Carpinteria Herald, Coastal View News’ predecessor, the 30-page book includes addresses—no phone numbers—for every family listed. Also included is a “Historical sketch” about Carpinteria Valley that will be reprinted here in sections over the next few weeks. The first several installments published in CVN, can be found at coastalview.com.

1940 Directory of Carpinteria Valley and Summerland: Historical Sketch (continued)


The town of Carpinteria started in early to securing those conveniences which make life more pleasant. As soon as electric light lines had been carried to Carpinteria, a lighting district was organized and has been added to from time to time until the town is better lighted than most incorporated cities of the lower class.

Gas mains were brought into the valley a few years afterwards, which gave to Carpinteria the two public utilities that have added so much to the comfort of the inhabitants.

The Carpinteria Sanitary District was organized in 1928 and in 1929 the system was established. The town now has as fine a sanitary system as will be found anywhere.

To these districts has been added the pest control district by which the mosquito and other pests have been eliminated.

So that all in all, the residents of Carpinteria have established all of those modern conveniences that are to be found in…

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