How nuclear attack fears are boosting business at survival stores – California News

How nuclear attack fears are boosting business at survival stores – California News

Jeff Daquila’s customers have snatched up the water supplies and freeze-dried foods on sale at his San Pedro surplus store, normally purchased in anticipation of the next big earthquake or a lengthy power outage.

But, in the last week, as tensions and rhetoric between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump escalated, Daquila’s customers have asked about gas masks and chemical suits.

“Nuclear war is bad, too,” said Daquila, the owner of The Surplus Guy on Sixth Street. “It’s good to be prepared.”

Daquila has more gas masks, military-style ready-to-eat meals and water storage canteens on order as some residents across Southern California prepare for the worst. Customers at surplus and survival stores have peppered store owners with questions about what to buy, including pills to take to prevent radiation poisoning and bomb shelters.

“People are just nervous,” Daquila said.

Gas masks and iodine pills

David Smith, the manager at Major Surplus & Survival on Alondra Boulevard just east of Figueroa Street east of Harbor Gateway, said his store — which, like Daquila’s, sells military tactical gear, MREs, camping gear and survival equipment — has had customers asking about gas masks and potassium iodine pills, which help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland.

Smith said he regularly sells earthquake kits to his core customers who stay prepared for disasters, but he has noticed more people coming in to buy them in the last week.

The business decided to take advantage. Online Thursday, gas masks and radiometers were put on sale.

“Flash sales are something we…

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