Nomadic Press Keeps it Moving | Arts Feature – California News

Nomadic Press Keeps it Moving | Arts Feature – California News

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  • Courtesy of J.K. Fowler / Nomadic Press
  • A participant reading at a Get Lit event.

J.K. Fowler talks about literature as if it were a delicate houseplant he tends to diligently. As an editor, he turns the same observant eye towards his work. When Fowler founded Nomadic Press in Brooklyn in 2011, he did so on the tenuous ideology of continuous movement — a notion both unusual and seemingly irreconcilable with the permanent vision of a book press and physical workspace. How can one promote fluid exploration of language and thought when the target is literally a hard-copy? Fowler and rest of his cohorts at Nomadic Press answer this challenge by treating literature very much like it is a living thing, whose germination is as important a process as its final creative product.

Accordingly, the mission statement of Nomadic Press is to facilitate “artistic encounters created by physical and conceptual movement between locations, matter, ideas, and intentions.” Despite its physical proliferation, including more than a dozen yearly publications and four…

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