The heat takes a toll on the fish and the angler – California News

The heat takes a toll on the fish and the angler – California News

It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming.

~ John Steinbeck 

Hot weather and smoky skies; it must be summer in the Sierra. At least the fish don’t have to worry about the smoke. However, the temperature affects both the fish and us.

Do you get the slows in hot weather? Is your appetite a little less than normal? Do you seek out locations with cooler temperatures? Well, so do the fish.

Lake Almanor

The water in Lake Almanor is high and clear which always bodes well for fishing. The downside is that the water is warming which doesn’t make for such great fishing. Nevertheless, if you know what to do about that warming water, you can improve your chances of hooking up with some nice rainbows and maybe a chunky brown or feisty king salmon.

The fish have changed their focus from insect hatches to pond smelt. This year’s crop of smelt is abundant and they are less than an inch long now.

Pond smelt are schooling fish and they like colder water, but they do get chased around a lot so you can find them just about anywhere. Look for diving birds and you will likely locate the smelt. They do like to hang out along the rocky shorelines where they can find cover from predators.

So where do you find cooler water and rocky shorelines? The answer is the east basin of the lake. The one place worth fishing in the west basin is the west shore of the peninsula, which has lots of rocky shoreline and also plenty of springs to help cool the water. The rest of the west basin tends to be shallow, less rocky, and warmer. If you know of a favorite spring, give it a try; otherwise head to the peninsula or east…

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