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With God’s hands | Lifestyle – California News

After Becky and I spent a day helping Dan and Elizabeth Christensen distribute food at the Rafael Center in Brussels, Belgium, the 58-year-old assistant pastor from LifePoint Church asked me a question.

“Can you drive a truck?”

I raised a suspicious eyebrow.

“I’ll be out of town next two weeks, so I need you to be the substitute driver for the center to pick up donated food.” Dan said.

The Rafael Center is an old hospital repurposed in 1994 to house more than 380 homeless people. According to the center’s Facebook page, it is “an intercultural Christian community based in Brussels that seeks to provide and achieve care, reception, integration and education of immigrants and other people in need.”

In other words, the center feeds and houses not only the marginalized citizens of Belgium, but staffers also help immigrants who can’t attain permanence or are otherwise fearful of returning to their homeland.

Christensen needs me to drive his twice-weekly route to gather donated food from local grocery stores. The foodstuff will stock the Rafael Center’s food bank and be distributed among both center residents and the community poor.

Unsure of my driving status, I agreed to four daily pick-ups. On the following Tuesday, I rendezvous with Mathias, a 54-year-old Nigerian long-time resident and my designated navigator.

Outside the center, we walked around the 25-foot box truck, tagged with graffiti. I checked the balding tires. I climbed into the cab and Mathias slid in beside me with the keys and driving paperwork. Squelching…

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