‘Yoga bridge’ from Cloverdale to Cuba, August 20 | Cloverdale Reveille – California News

‘Yoga bridge’ from Cloverdale to Cuba, August 20 | Cloverdale Reveille – California News

Cloverdale fundraiser to help yoga teacher in quest to spread yoga in Cuba

Yoga teacher, Mary Paffard, and a group of her Cloverdale students are organizing a benefit for her Cuban cultural exchange program known as Yoga Va Latino, which loosely translates as “Yoga Rocks in the Latino World!”

Founded nearly two decades ago by Paffard – a Yorkville resident, farmer and international yoga teacher – and bolstered by a team of international teachers, Yoga Va Latino promotes the development of yoga and meditation in Cuba by providing free classes, teacher training and other support for Cubans interested in the healing practice of yoga.

“Most Cubans earn less than $20 a month; doctors often earn less than taxi drivers,” said Paffard. “They can’t afford to pay for yoga classes, much less the time-consuming and expensive journey of becoming certified to teach yoga. Even simple yoga props are out of reach, with many Cuban yogis using cardboard in place of yoga mats.”

That’s where Yoga Va Latino comes in. “It’s a kind of pay-it-forward way of spreading healthy yoga and meditation throughout the Cuban culture as well as creating opportunities for young Cubans,” said Paffard.

Students like Junior Amayo Lugo and Mariela Mazon – plus the 19 other young Cubans currently receiving free teacher training and further education, as well as the many who have attended Paffard’s and other U.S. teachers’ programs since 1998 – take what they learn and share it with others who can benefit from practicing yoga but have no way…

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