A PINCH OF SALT: How To Make A Tough Decision | Opinion – California News

A PINCH OF SALT: How To Make A Tough Decision | Opinion – California News

You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

You’re between a rock and a hard place.

A bit more positively, you’ve reached a fork in the road.

You’re faced with two doors.

So what do you do? Doing nothing isn’t an option. How do you make a decision?

There have been times when I’ve been completely baffled by decisions made by our city’s policy makers. Most of the time, that’s because I’m not aware of or don’t understand the process they used to make the decision.

Then there are times when I’ve just felt sorry for them. That happens most often when it is a council person trying to meet the needs/wants of their constituents — especially when there are two or more sides in the fight.

Here’s an example. It’s hypothetical. Really.

A group of residents are sick and tired of the racetrack in front of their homes. People speed there primarily because the road is two lanes in each direction, but also because California drivers always speed. Some of the residents have kids, others just like to walk across the street once in awhile.

They say a stop sign or three might help. How about speed bumps?

We all know nothing can be done in this city without a study, so the council person enlists the help of the city traffic engineers (also a good way to spread the credit — or blame). After the required six- or nine- or 12-month study, the engineers come back with what they think is a win-win-win decision. How about reducing the street to one lane in each direction? That will automatically slow traffic down. And to do that, let’s add parking in a…

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