Alabama Senate contenders on their campaigns – Alabama News

Alabama Senate contenders on their campaigns – Alabama News

The Advertiser sent surveys last week to the Alabama Senate campaigns, asking for biographical information and 100-word answers on the candidates’ reasons for running; what they brought to their opponents did not and their three legislative priorities. Nine campaigns responded. Below are their responses, edited for grammar and length. 


Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Why are you running for U.S. Senate?

I am running for the US Senate because America was given a second chance last November and I want to be part of the leadership team that will make America great again. To be great, we have to be strong. That means rebuilding our military to instill fear in our enemies and respect in our allies. It means unleashing our economy by removing the number one obstacle to free enterprise: the federal government. By cutting taxes and regulation and making sure our trade agreements put America first. And it means stopping the single largest threat to our country’s existence: activist judges. Liberal judges have repeatedly overstepped their bounds to re-interpret our constitution and to try to re-constitute the truth enshrined in the Constitution.

What would you bring to the job that the other candidates would not?

As a combat…

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