Before and After: Canyon home opens itself up to a Zen sensibility – California News

Before and After: Canyon home opens itself up to a Zen sensibility – California News

The Benedict Canyon property that developer Jerry Gureghian and his partners acquired in May of last year had a rooftop bookended in a style reminiscent of Balinese pavilions, which may have been because of the previous owner’s connection to Indonesia.

That gave Gureghian and his co-developers, brothers Ty and Ravi Bhojwani, a spark of inspiration.

“I envisioned it as an Aman resort,” said Gureghian, referring to the luxurious Singapore-based boutique hotel chain. “I wanted it to have serenity.”

But first, a major overhaul was needed. Including the permits — and replacing the sewer line, plumbing, electrical, putting in smart home technology and adding 1,500 square feet of living space — the revamp took about a year and cost roughly $1.3 million.

Built in the early 1950s, the now 4,300-square-foot house previously had 8-foot ceilings, narrow corridors and old-fashioned bathrooms and kitchen.

“The entrance was through a long, dark hallway, which made you feel like you were going through a tunnel,” Gureghian said. The wood paneling had a vaguely nautical theme, and the wood flooring had turned orange.

“And although it had the pool and the garden, it was closed into itself. We wanted to open it up so the house could be enjoyed from all sides,” Gureghian said.

What the house had going for it was that it was on half an acre, more than half of which is on flat land, 10 minutes from the heart of Beverly Hills.

“It wasn’t one of those houses bunched up on a smaller lot, and that gave us the ability to add space,” he said.

The new owners ended up adding 40% more space, including…

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