Best solution for Greenville High School gym? – California News

Best solution for Greenville High School gym? – California News

Initially, the Plumas Unified School District board was working quickly to reconstruct Greensville High School gym by the time school starts Aug. 28.

However, by the time the board met on Aug. 2 to award contracts for the gym, they knew it wasn’t possible to get the gym finished in time.

The three trustees present, Traci Holt, Dave Keller and Dwight Pierson, decided there was time to gain additional assurances before awarding contracts; in particular for the approximately $2 million reconstruction of the gym.

Greenville High School gym

Pierson asked about the gym’s insulation. Keller, who coaches sports at the school, remarked that the insulation was poor. “If it’s hot outside, it’s hot; and if it’s cold outside, it’s cold.”

Pierson then asked, “How much does a brand new gym cost?” Keller responded, “In the old days, a steel-constructed gym, with good insulation, would have cost about $1 million dollars.”

Even without estimates for draining water away from the gym and some other costs, the estimated cost of reconstructing the existing gym was  $1.4 million. With those expenses added, the cost would be closer to $2 million.

Holt added that reconstruction of the old gym might cost even more if additional problems became evident during demolition.

Pierson said the old gym is problematic in that it sits in a low area, which is what caused mold to build up under the structure and the floor to warp.

Pierson said that if they started from scratch with a new gym, they could either raise that area or build the new gym on higher ground.

If they started with a new gym, Pierson added, they could design the facility such that it could also serve as a civic…

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