Bootprints: Hiking guide to Peak One in Frisco, Colorado – Colorado News

Bootprints: Hiking guide to Peak One in Frisco, Colorado – Colorado News

One of the most remarkable, rewarding aspects of living in Summit County is being able to see a mountaintop from your house, walk out your front door, climb that mountain and return to your house in town, all in the same day.

At all times there are numerous peaks on our horizon line. You can see the Tenmile Range from almost anywhere in Summit. From Silverthorne and Dillon, you can see both the Tenmile Range and the mysterious Gore Range. And in some places, like Frisco’s Main Street, you can see far into the distance toward Grays and Torreys peaks.

These mountains become familiar landmarks to Summit County residents, and for some — myself included — they are a source of inspiration and a constant call to action. Bagging the peaks in my own county — the faces I see on a daily basis — is more pressing to me than crushing as many 14ers as I can. It’s about creating a personal bond with your mountains. It’s about climbing them, creating memories on their summits and being able to look up at them with respect, having been there.

I can see the stunning trinity of Mount Royal, Mount Victoria and Peak 1 from my front porch. These mountains are part of my everyday life and are landmarks of this place I call home.

Setting sights high

It’s a sleepy Sunday mid-morning as I step outside onto my front porch. I glance up at the craggy face of Peak 1.

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