Brentwood skater brings home 10th gold medal – East Bay Times – California News

Brentwood skater brings home 10th gold medal – East Bay Times – California News

BRENTWOOD — Jan Barnett has brought home her 10th gold medal and, not surprisingly, it holds special significance for her, marking 10 years of gold’s and the third year of winning the Golden Ladies Solo Dance at the United States National Roller Skating Championships held in Lincoln, Neb.

Barnett, now 69 years old, qualifies in the golden category, and this year competed against 30 other women. To qualify for the Nationals, each woman had to have already won first, second or third place in each of nine regional championships.

The Summerset Orchards resident skates in the Southwest Pacific regional, where she won the competition held in Fresno at the end of June.

So competition was tough and Barnett was still dealing with the arthritis she developed in her knees and hips in 2015, and which prevented her from competing that year.

“It’s still hard to believe for myself,” she said. “It seems like now I’m back in Brentwood and the nationals was like a dream that I made up.”

To add to the pressure, Barnett’s husband Jim had a slight stroke the Friday before they left, preventing him from participating in the competition. Luckily he was able to fly; if he hadn’t, Jan would not have gone without him.

The Nationals are special for Jan Barnett; she’s been skating competitively as an adult for 35 years and as a child for about 10 years, going to all the competitions, local, regional and state, but never making it out of state as a child.

She made it to Nationals at a place called Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln, Neb., in 1988 and had her first win. She hasn’t looked back since.

This year Barnett switched her 2016 pink look to turquoise, wearing a turquoise…

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