Dead Cross Dave Lombardo Justin Pearson Interview, Marquee Theatre August 12 – Arizona News

Dead Cross Dave Lombardo Justin Pearson Interview, Marquee Theatre August 12 – Arizona News

“I’m excited to play live with this band,” Dave Lombardo says of Dead Cross, who are scheduled to perform at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe on Saturday, August 12.

Dead Cross is Lombardo’s brainchild. The musician also plays drums in Suicidal Tendencies and The Misfits, and he’s a founding member of Slayer and Fantomas. In Dead Cross, he’s joined by bassist Justin Pearson (Locusts, Retox, Head Wound City), guitarist Mike Crain (Retox, Festival of Dead Deer), and guitarist Mike Patton (also a founding member of Fantomas). Initially, Gabe Serbian (Locusts) was slated to sing for Dead Cross, but personal commitments made it necessary for Serbian to leave the project. That opened the door for Faith No More, Fantomas, and Mr. Bungle frontman extraordinaire Patton to join the band and lay down vocal tracks for their self-titled debut album.

At first listen, Dead Cross is more than just a group of famous and semi-famous guys getting together to play aggressive music. After multiple spins, the album continues to grow on the listener due to the sheer energy emanating from within. Dead Cross delivers the goods on their first record and the addition of Patton drives this over the top. The enigmatic frontman is in top form, laying down line after line of hyper-macho witticisms drenched in his usual humor. Lombardo’s drums propel the band to the expected heights his fans will enjoy while Crain and Pearson more than hold down their end of the bargain.

If you are not as familiar with Pearson and Crain’s work, spend some time their collaboration known as Retox or any of their other projects, especially Pearson’s Locusts and Crain’s Festival of Dead Deer, and you’ll see why this…

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